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B.C. Government looking to subsidise fuel costs?? HU?

I found it funny that the one place in Canada that gives the most incentives for people to purchase an EV or PHEV is not considering giving regular drivers a rebate as the cost of gasoline is now to high. This is the Province that was the first to bring in a Carbon Tax that was supposed to make people think about putting a cost on pollution. I just had to do a double take and decided to write an open letter to the Premier to try and get some understanding.


Perhaps I just don't understand how your implementation of the carbon tax works, or how it is supposed to reduce the amount of carbon pollution in the air. Please educate me as I must have missed it somewhere along to way.

My understanding was that the carbon tax was supposed to be revenue neutral. The money from the tax is not supposed to go to the coffers of government but to be used to help reduce the amount of green house gas we produce. Things like help with the development of better fuel efficient cars.

But here is where my understanding gets fuzzy, or perhaps it is more your actions. For us to reduce the green house gas we need to stop putting as much of it in the air. Now gas burning cars make pollution. So logically if less cars are driving around burning gas then we would make less pollution. Or perhaps if more people used far more fuel efficient cars over say pickup trucks, suv's and crossovers, then less pollution would be made. This second point is interesting, as it doesn't limit peoples ability to travel, just they would be burning much less fuel and so not make as much greenhouse gasses. And then by extension, as they only put in a small amount of fuel, any fluctuation in the cost of fuel would not really make that much of a difference as the amount needed would be small.

Think about that for a second. If you drive a car that can get 900km to a 45L tank rather that 450km to an 90L tank, the actual amount of actual dollars spent on fuel would be much lower. The first car uses 1/4 the actual amount of fuel than the second, so when the cost of gas goes from $1.50/L to $1.79/L, the first car will have to pay $13 more to fill their car. the second driver however will end up paying $254 more as they needed to not only pay the extra cost for gas, but they needed to fill their much larger gas tank a second time to travel,the same distance. As well they produced more that 4x the pollution.

So looking back to the reason we have the carbon tax. Wasn't it to help make consumers make better choices to help clean the air. The first car is not some mythical car not yet invented. It is a standard hybrid car that costs about $5000 more than a regular new gas only car. Heck, with all the incentives we can get, you can purchase a car that consumes even less gas than that or even cars that don't consume any gas at all, called an Electric Vehicle. Also consider that we have had carbon tax for almost 11 years now and the most consumers replaces their car every 3-5 years, the average family will have bought two new cars since carbon tax was introduced. So if they are currently driving a really inefficient car right now it is because of their own short sighted stupidity. They knew that the goal was to put the cost of carbon producing fuel up and that they would need to pay for,the pollution they made. Sure the cost of gas has gone up well higher than the increase in the carbon taxes recently, but a smart consumer who would have bought an efficient car in the past 10 years it would not matter. Heck, the cost of gas could double and it wouldn't really cost that much more, or any if you drive an EV.

So please justify to me why we need to bring in relief for the high cost of gas? Perhaps the short sighted should simply hand in their car keys and just ride a bicycle, because obviously they are not smart enough to drive a car.

I can pretty much say that most everyone here is driving or owns a pretty fuel efficient car, namely a Kia Niro of some form. A number drive the plug in version that will get a far better fuel efficiency when you count in the 53km (i think) of EV mode that you can get before the engine needs to run. Do you find it rather hypocritical of the government to promote a Carbon Tax that was intended to help reduce pollution to decide that the cost of driving is simply too much because the cost of fuel went up by 15% ??

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