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Nice letter, you'll have to share the response with us when you get it. (That will likely reflect more on the staff your Premier has hired than on him personally, but that's still a good indirect reflection).

Gas prices have been spiking in California too, but I think BC beats us (in spite of our tax load). An internet search suggests that BC residents are currently paying about CAD 1.64/liter. In my part of CA, we're paying USD 3.89/gallon, which works out to 1.03 USD/liter or 1.39 CAD/liter after factoring in the current exchange rate, assuming I did the math right.

In my case, I don't care that much, because I have the opposite problem: I'm driving my PHEV around with 3/4 of a tank that I purchased in early January and starting to fret that I need to either use that up pretty soon with a road trip or else put fuel stabilizer in the tank because that's kind of a long time to have the same gas in your tank. But I know I"m an anomaly in this regard.

I don't follow Canadian politics as closely as I probably should, but I've always had a favorable impression. I did a little reading after seeing your post, and my impression is that your Premier is doing what any smart politician would do in the current situation: he's recognized that you're paying a lot for gas (looks to me like you're paying more than anywhere in the US or the UK, aside perhaps from some really remote locations in the US, like that rare gas station out in a small town atop the Sierras). The article I read said "Horgan says his government will monitor prices at the pumps over the summer after they reached the benchmark record of almost $1.64 a litre Thursday in Metro Vancouver". I take that to mean that he's floating a trial balloon and waiting to hear from people like yourself about whether he should do something or not. Strikes me as a reasonable approach for a politician to take.

But reducing the tax is kind of a lame solution, especially when a better alternative would be to increase competition. The California gas market suffers from a lack of competition compared to the gas markets east of the Sierra mountains, and it sounds like BC might be in a similar situation. This article (from a year ago) supports the idea that BC gas prices suffer from a lack of competition.

Hope it gets better soon for you.

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