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Originally Posted by badyellowvette View Post
Not a real big deal but when I shift from reverse to drive there is a lag in time before drive kicks in. When backing out in traffic it becomes an issue. Thought today I was going to get rear ended. I just tested it in my driveway and if I push the accelerator almost to the floor it is quicker to engage drive. This is the only problem I have, I don't have the shutter or jerking others have posted about, everything else works as expected. Is this something I have to get used to or is there something wrong?

I have not been back to the dealer yet to get any software updates, maybe next month.
Yeah, this one gets me sometimes too. If I shift directly from R to D without coming to a complete stop the car keeps rolling backwards for a few feet until the car decides to change gears and start moving forward.
yticolev is right, the only solution is to make sure you come to a complete stop before shifting gears. It's definitely a "feature" not a bug.

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