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I personally do not have a problem with a Carbon Tax on Gasoline. I do have a problem with the way that they are rolling it out, and how it is being sold to the general public. Call it a tax for what it is and tell the people how it works and how it will effect you. Don't try and hide it behind a whole load of lies and they try and pull a fast one saying it won't cost you anything and most people will be get back more than they are paying. That is utter BS.

If you are going to have a plan to increase the cost of gasoline to help reduce the amount of polution by convincing people to either drive less or drive more efficiant, then SAY THAT.

I do have a problem with them putting the general cost of carbon on Natural Gas, as this is Canada, and we have to heat homes to live. Ontario SCREWED UP the cost of Electricity. Thee is no way anyone could afford to replace a NG furnace with an Electric one. and then the icing on the cake is that they have a whole bunch of NG boiler power stations that are stilling most of the time on standby producing CO2 with zero gain, just to cover if the Windmills don't produce enough power, and we get to pay the highest electricty costs in the country becuase our now EX-Liberal government couldn't figure out how to run a province without screwing most everyone who lives here.

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