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Originally Posted by AC-Boston View Post
I just joined the forum looking for discussions on the EV. Perhaps I'm missing the threads but all I see are discussions on the hybrid, not the EV. So let me ask these two question of those who have the EV:

- What mileage are you seeing? I've been averaging 4.8 miles/kwh, according to the onboard computer. That's using max regen (I rarely touch the brakes).

- What range are you getting? The specs listed a 239 mile range but I've getting a consistent 300 miles!! That's far better than the specs which makes me wonder if it's a fluke, or was Kia being cautious on the specs after they got burned cheating on the MPG specs for ICE cars a few years ago.
As others have said your actual range will depend strongly on your driving style and road conditions. I have the PHEV and I've been getting ~3.5-4 miles / kWh in EV mode over 18 months and 27,000 miles. Most of my driving is under 50mph with a bit of highway driving each day. I almost always exceed the 26 mile projected range even with the A/C on so at least in my case, the estimate is conservative. As in everything else, YMMV.

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