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Good points, ATC98902. I just updated some info in my profile. Hopefully it's visible.

I knew the EV was very new, just not sure how many they've sold so far this year - and how many of those people will eventually find this forum. In fact, I had to wait months before the dealer got one that I could buy.

As for mileage diminishing in the winter, that will certainly happen but the amount might not be as bad as other EVs. Kia offers a "cold weather" package that includes a heat pump for heating the cabin. It's an "option" but always included in cars sold in cold climates, such as this one. So my car came with it (and it wasn't free). In theory a heat pump should be far more efficient than resistive heat because the battery is not being used to general heat, just transfer it from outside to inside. It's the same technology as heat pumps used for residences. It's basically air-conditioning in reverse. One article I found on the Dept of Energy's website says that heat pumps use about 50% less electricity than resistive heating. They were discussing residential systems so that might not apply to the Kia. Winter is coming so we'll see.
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