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I have the Canadian EV SX Touring which is close to the EX Premium in USA. Off course we get the heat pump for free, and also health care for free. But I digress.

I have driven almost 7500 km by now and the average according to the car is 16.1 kWh/100km. Yeah I know metric, pain in the a.. So that is an average of almost 3.9 miles/kWh recorded over 4700 miles. Now consider that I commute about 50 miles per day of which roughly 40 miles is on the only highway we have in our part of the world. But it has an HOV lane, which us EV drivers are allowed to use. So lots of 75 mph, I average about 62 mph on the HOV lane. Which means I sometimes need to make swift passings because some folks actually stick to the speed limit (which is below my average ) And that driving style consumes energy.

In the city I am forced to more moderate speeds and accelerations due to traffic density and therefore average around 4.4 miles/kWh. Still not that impressive if you listen to PHEV drivers, but keep in mind that the EV has a much more powerful battery and motor, which begs to be used. And our city is everything from flat, and who said you should not accelerate when going uphill?

I do drive in ECO mode. Not to save kWh, but to limit my speed (set at 75 mph), otherwise I would be in real trouble.
The kWh is dirt cheap here. At home I pay US$0.085, most public chargers still offer the charging for free! So with an avg of almost 17k miles per year, I am paying US$30 per month on electricity for charging (do almost all of my charging at home). I used to have the HEV which costs me US$150 per month on gas for the same distance (yup, those gas drinkers pay carbon taxes at the pump (about US$0.26/gallon ), electricity here is 95% renewable non CO2 emitting - hydro). So it feels great to have a sporty car, environment friendly and super cheap on the variable costs.

Hope this helps. :-)


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