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If Niros are so great, why...

Had my Niro for more than a week now. I'm thinking if Niros are so great, and I'm sure they must be, why do I have the only one on Lummi Island? There are 1,000 people living here and I don't see another on the road. I so wish just one person, at least, who understands these cars were around to explain things to me. Little things like the light which we used to call a dome light. How to get it to come on when I open the door and go off after I close the door. I have a BA degree in Communication from the University of Washington. However, it is dated 1960. Seems people speak a different language today. Like "Blue tooth". I think it might have been the nickname for a Danish king once upon a time. Now it has something to do with what we used to call a radio but now is something like an audio device. The car comes with a fist full of instruction manuals but, when I can't get the dome light to go out when I exit the car in the garage without pushing on the lens, what do I do? Go to the manual. No mention of dome lights. Ah, I think maybe they are called courtesy lights. Nope. Nothing about courtesy lights in the book. Solution, I see something in the book about let the lights stay on and eventually the battery goes dead. Then, the book tells me, there is a button or a switch or something that will get me to another battery that will start my Niro. My 1928 Whippet didn't need two batteries to get it running. If one didn't do it, there was a crack that you put into the front of the engine and gave a hard yank, okay, usually several hard yanks, and it fired up. Don't get me wrong. My wife and I love the car but I expect I'll spend the rest of my life on this forum asking questions of any old guys who have kept up with these new fangled things until I can successfully start and stop it, at least.
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Kia calls them "map" lights and "room" lights. The somewhat confusing description of their operation is on pg 4-108.
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Just push the button between the dome lights closer to the passenger seat.
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Go drive any other new hybrid high tech car. They are all about the gizmos and stupid dash and ridiculous enormous center console. (Prius, Tesla, Chevy Bolt)

Kia has made a car that is great, that happens to be hybrid.
The only cars that I would even consider are in the game of doing it right are Honda Accord (hybrid), Kia Optima (hybrid), Hyundai Sonata (hybrid), oh and even the Chrysler Pacifica.

I want a great car that looks and drives like any other car, not a dork mobile or "BS" futuristic nonsense.
I need knobs and buttons, and don't give a flip what makes the wheels turn. Just as long as I get great gas mileage.
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Amen, Jason! I have enough trouble figuring out how to turn on the windshield wipers in my Niro after not driving it for a month and always hit the wrong button on the steering wheel.

Although you will get used to the screen in the Tesla, there are still two big problems. You really wonít be able to loan it to a friend that doesnít have one. Almost as bad, the latest software version changed a lot of the finer details on the screen causing a lot of confusion. And, if you donít drive the Tesla for a month, you will spend 30 minutes getting familiar before taking off.
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