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Touring model MPG

Hey Touring model owners...

How has your mileage been? I looked on Fuelly to see reports but wondering what kind of real-life fuel economy you're getting. Can you make 400 miles on a tank regularly or is it a stretch?

Just curious since we are looking at Touring now.
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for me the winter mpg has been poor( somewhere in the higher 30's) but I can tell warmer weather will improve it( had it since new year). like the lane keep and I can feel the potholes with the 18 rims but its not to bad. love all the options
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The combined EPA rating of 43 mpg for the Touring suggests you can not only make 400 miles but have about a 100 mile reserve. Tank size on all HEV trims is 11.9 gallons. Much will depend on your driving style and weather conditions. I can tell you about my experience so far with the LX:

First tank 496 miles on fumes, 42 mpg, driving 70 on the interstate in really cold weather.
Second tank 556 miles (15 miles estimated left by car), 48.5 mpg, driving slower but still around the freezing point.
Third tank, about 300 miles at estimated 49 mpg still driving slowly but above freezing. Estimated range by car is total 590.

I'm expecting 600 plus will be easy in the summertime. All fill ups were topped off, and the mpg was calculated, not estimated by car (my experience so far is car estimation is 2 mpg optimistic). Hope that is helpful. There is a learning curve on how to get the best mpg and I still have a ways to go.

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Just don't try running on fumes. If you ever completely run out, I think it can damage your catalytic converter.
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The more immediate problem with running out is priming the injectors. That was a real problem with my PT Cruiser and I had to call AAA once because my battery died (another PT Cruiser issue) before the car fired. At some point in the next ten years, I expect I'll find out what happens with the Niro. Like most people, I don't like doing fill ups. Doing high 500's versus low 400's (with a tank 50% larger) is heaven!

My first fill up was 11.9 gallons (rated capacity), so I have no fear! Indicated range was minus one. I'm not convinced my tank was empty as that rating does not include the fill tube.

Another commonly cited issues with maximizing range is picking up water in the tank. I'm not worried out that nor the emissions hardware. I top off my tank too! Never had a problem in 40 years of these practices (other than the injector issue).

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Originally Posted by Neuron View Post
Just don't try running on fumes. If you ever completely run out, I think it can damage your catalytic converter.
Not to mention the fuel pump doesn't like the extra load, and any micro junk in the fuel will fall to the bottom of tank, closer to where the pump/filter is sucking from!

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I now have 10000 miles on my Touring model. I am averaging right at 42 mpg. With warmer weather, I am seeing a bit closer to 44, but that is sporadic.

I drive 60 miles a day at 62 mph on a divided highway, and that is not where these shine. When just driving around town or short trips, I can see 50 mpg, but that doesnt last long...
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Just passed 16,000 miles on my Touring, averaged around 47 mpg during the warmer weather and averaging around 41 this winter with a tank or two just under 40 during the brutally cold couple of weeks. Now I'm around 44 as temps have been in the 40's and 50's.
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I just passed 13k miles. Average mpg for those miles was 46.5-47mpg in southern California. I'm at about 70-80% economical; 30-20% normal; 0-10% aggressive on the car's read out.

It strongly depends on where and how you drive.
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WITH 3800 MILES..We always get 39.1 for 99% driving under 45mph around town...a ton better than our 2016 Toyota Camry which got 17 mpg!

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