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paint repair for scratches

Last week I took my Niro in for the hydraulic actuator recall and was about to leave when I noticed, on the passenger side doors both front and back, two or three small scratches in the Aurora Black Pearl paint. These scratches or chips in the paint were small (less than 1/4 inch) but noticeable -- white underneath showed up clearly against the black paint.

The scratches definitely occurred when the car was in their custody. I talked to the manager of the service department, and he said they could send it to their body shop to repair the damage. Yesterday, after a week, he called to say the repair work was "not good enough." Apparently the scratches looked a bit better but were still noticeable. He said something about it being difficult to match the paint finish, which I guess refers to the metallic in the black paint. He wanted to send it back to the body shop to see if they could do a better job, which would delay getting the car back for another full week. (They gave me a loaner, an Optima. Nice car.) Anyway, I have not seen the repair work that was done, so I do not know how good or bad it was, but I trust his judgment and appreciate greatly the fact that he is trying to right this wrong.

I am frankly surprised that this minor paint repair job would be so difficult. I assumed that they could easily repair this, and make it look brand new. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing -- with paint repair jobs for scratches? Am I wrong to think this should be easily repaired?

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Metallic paint can be a nightmare to repair, even if the paint is from the same can the car was painted with at the factory. Alignment of the metallic particles is one big issue as I understand it. Color matching is also difficult with different lighting conditions. Metallic paint is pretty, but I'd never get it if I had an option.

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Thanks for the info. Yesterday I was able to see firsthand the work that was done, and it looks like someone just took a black sharpie pen and filled in the scratch. Or maybe they used a very fine line of black paint. It did look better, but as the service dept. manager said, "not good enough." The actual scratch is still there.

This morning I was able to do a little research on this topic (never had any occasion to deal with this before, so I knew practically nothing about it). I learned that scratches regardless of how big or deep can be fixed through a multistage process that is beyond my skill level but that professional detailers do all the time. And my car's scratches are small and not very deep, maybe not even deeper than the clear coat surface. There is even touch-up paint for every Kia Niro color (see link below), so matching the finish should not be an issue. In any case, a very thin line or dab of touch-up paint is all that is needed. No excuses for this not being done right. This has been a freaking nightmare of incompetence. Now going into my second week without the car -- all because I took it in for a recall that was supposed to take maybe 3 hours at worse.

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Clear Coat Scratches

Unfortunately, I went through something similar with a servicing dealership. They were doing a repair, and the courtesy car wash ended up scratching the clear coat very noticeably. Even the black bezels on the brake lights were deeply scratched. The dealership has tried multiple times to polish out the clear coat, but have only made it worse. I tend to leave the car dirty so I don't notice the buffer swirls so much.
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Deep Cerulean -- I remember seeing your March postings on this topic (and I just reread them now). My condolences. The issues with my car have been minor compared to what you've experienced.

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