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Computer Upgrade and MPG Change question.

Made my appointment for the recalls on my 2017 Niro EX and they told me about computer upgrades. I said I didn't want SA340 because of the drop in mpg that has been reported. They said no problem that is up to you but couldn't tell me what difference it would make.They said the other upgrades can be installed just leave out SA340. They have never heard about the mpg dropping.
Does anybody know what problems I might have by not getting the "battery management" upgrade?
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Probably no problems at all. The BMS update is rather subtle but a number of owners say it hangs in EV mode a bit longer. Basically the engineers are tweaking the algorithm now that they have more data, so you may not enjoy a slight efficiency boost if not installed. The reports of lower mpg are all from last fall (exactly when a seasonal mpg drop occurs) and have not heard any noise about it since on forums.

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I bought mine in the fall so I don't really have much data to base anything on. I am in Canada so we work on L/100km.. If I go off the chart printed with my vehicle, I should be getting 4.6 L/100km city and 5.1 L/100km highway. that works out to the same as advertised for the US Niro of 51/46/49 (City/Highway/Combined).

I know that when I purchased my Niro the first fillup worked out to 5 L/100km that I thought was a bit off considering my driving, but figured it was much better than the ford edge i was driving. Winter time that went up to 6 ~ 6.5 L/100km (39mpg ~ 36mpg) and again, it was cold and I had the heater on for most trips but not concerned as the ford would be at least double that. Now we are getting into spring early summer. My past two fill-ups have been 5.1 and 4.5L/100km. going on my display computer that has been pretty close to actual calculations, I am down closer to 4.0L/100km (59mpg) but have had trips getting 3.6 (65mpg). This is all with the SA340 installed as I have a newer car and we have all those updates pre-installed.

I will be interested to see by mid-summer time, those who were up in anger about their fuel economy, how they are doing, and if the economy is getting far better than prior months. It is always the tough call to say how one thing changed their fuel economy unless you have a good control group driving similar roads in similar weather who didn't get the update to show a statistical difference.

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I didn't notice any drop in MPG after the SA340 was done on my car.

It did however reset the average MPG calculations but after a few weeks it was showing about the same MPG as before.

My 2017 Touring usually gets 48-51MPG in the summer, and 44-48MPG in the winter. I've seen it go as low as 40-41MPG during really cold spells when my wife lets it warm up for her daily commute but that's to be expected.

I suspect most of the MPG complaints are due to a combination of this info being cleared and maybe they had cold weather move in right after getting the recall done making them think the MPG drop is related to the recall... <shrug>
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Good points, my dash was showing 61.2mpg today when I got home. In will have to reach out to members complaining about mpg after the updates to see what's up now. I didn't realize that all took place as fall was approaching.
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I just posted on two other topics (my original topics). So add info here --

Another fill-up posted on FUELLY today (5-18-19) was at 25,850 miles for 505 Miles and 9.597 Gallon = 52.6 MPG. Typical use this period which for us is mostly county roads at 35 to 55MPH and some city driving (say 30%) with a few stoplights and some traffic.

So, I am beginning to think that the COMPUTER UPGRADE (12-19-2018) did not cause what I thought (by MPG data Miles divided by gallons) had caused a 3 or 4 MPG drop in MPG from my average of 51 MPG for 20,298 miles (when the computer upgrade was done).

Apparently it was something else, maybe temperatures (basically a mild winter during the period of the MPG drop), tire pressure (could have been maybe 2 PSI variation), or I DON'T KNOW.

Anyway, the last 2 fill ups (one for 773 miles @ 51.3MPG and this one for 505 miles for 52.6MPG) are better than expected and a bit above my average of 51MPG before the computer upgrade at 20,298 miles.

By The Way - it is a EX with the upgrade (includes the dumb sunroof) and bought in Feb 2-017 (first one on the dealers lot).

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For now my average has never been that low. With just over 6000 miles on hilly country roads traveling 50 to 60 mph. I have yet to average below 55mpg.
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