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Questions after taking delivery of 2018 Kia Niro

2018 Kia EX EV/Gas vehicle.

Has anyone found the link to download the Owners Manual for USA?

I am trying to find if the vehicle will record gas Mileage....1) from day I took delivery forever 2) each Gas tank Refill?

Under the Menu Hybryd I see Average Gas Mileage which appears to be the ongoing average Gas mileage until that menu item is reset and Instant averaging Gas Mileage. I have set this to manual at this time rather than reset after refilling Gas Tank (I can't even image how it determines you have refiled the Gas removal of Gas cap? Opening of Gas Door?)

I would like 2 menu items 1 that does maintain a running image as long as it is never reset and the other that resets at each gas refill whether automatically, or manually. Is that available? The two that display; average/Instant average...both would be reset to start all over if Reset (OK) was pressed.

Saw some Threads regarding the ECO dashboard display...seem it is always on when driving using "D" and is off when you put vehicle in Sport Mode....correct? Past cars had ECO but has a button to turn it on or off; don't see such a button of the Niro. I ask because, I will always drive in "D", and, ECO in my prior cars....I live in Florida, I would turn it off in the hotter months because the ECO setting among other operating areas would decrease AC Compressor time on to achieve better gas mileage to the disadvantage of cooling the car.

Hill Assist....was on a slight incline....foot on brake waiting for cross traffic to clear....15 or so seconds. When I took my foot off brake to press accelerator, the car drifted backwards....not much, but it startled me. Reading about Hill Assist in the Kia Manual it reads:

"Hill-start assist control (HAC) A vehicle has the tendency to slip back on a steep hill when it starts to go after stopping. The Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) prevents the vehicle from slipping back by operating the brakes automatically for about 1~2 seconds. The brakes are released when the accelerator pedal is depressed or after about 1~2 seconds."

Reading that either the brake releases about when you step on accelerator, or 1 to 2 Seconds……many times you are at a stop longer than 1 to 2 seconds…so after coming to a stop brakes are applied to keep vehicle from slipping backward, in 2 seconds brake is released so you better move your foot very quickly from the brake to the gas pedal?

Interesting; trip A/B show Elapsed Time 4 hours; vehicle delivered with 28 miles on odometer; so it appears from time of build to my delivery....vehicle sat still with Engine in Start position....cannot image how else that elapsed time got calculated....
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Try this:

I don't have my car yet, but I've been looking at this today.
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I use an Ultragauge. It keeps continuous and trip readings, as well as many other bits of data.
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That's for the Plug-In Model....mine is the Hybryd (Elec\Gas)
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Link for the 2017 Niro ... Kia Niro Owners and Service manuals online
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Originally Posted by TeleRisk18 View Post
Has anyone found the link to download the Owners Manual for USA?
That link CB Bob posted is for Europe. Not really that different, but does not match the page numbers of the US manual. On the back cover of your US manual are QR codes to download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Thanks Griswald for the Ultra-Guage reference. I've certainly heard about them before and have always wanted a scan guage and this new model is far better. I ordered one last night. $90 shipped (claimed 17% new model discount).

I've only had my Niro for 220 miles, but one thing that bugged me was the lack of an instant mpg number. Despite my owners manual showing a number for both average and instant, all that shows on my display is a large scale bar graph that is fairly useless for determining impact of driving practice changes. I was sold immediately watching an Ultra-Guage video with exactly that number (also displayed as a dial). Now I'm looking at smart phone mounts so I can easily see it displayed (customizable displays) while I drive.

I'm not sure that the Ultra-Guage will show this, but one other annoying thing is that I cannot tell when the engine is engaged. Would be nice to know if engaged and what gear it is in. Often both the car and EV symbol is displayed, but I've learned that there is a use for the instant mpg bar graph, when it is pegged, the engine is running but not engaged.

I've also noticed that when the engine is engaged, it holds rpm higher than I would if it was a manual - sticking to a lower gear at low speeds than I would have chosen. Knowing what rpm the motor is turning, and then under what conditions it choses to upshift to the next gear should be very useful. It might well be that accelerating a little faster to reach a desired city speed and then backing off will result in better mpg because of more time spent in a higher gear. Ultra-Guage should be helpful.

2018 Kia LX HEV Metal Stream with Advanced Tech
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Yep, the Ultragauge will tell you when the engine goes into open loop mode (not running).

My Fusion had a much better dash display. Wish I could pull a Fusion Hybrid dash and stick it in my Niro.
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