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Question Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S7?

Newbie here. I'm contemplating the purchase of a 2018 LX or EX with the Adv. Tech Package. I've got an older Samsung Galaxy S4 that has been completely adequate, but it still has Android v4.3 and I've read that Android auto requires v5 or better. So in addition to buying my VERY FIRST ALL NEW CAR (I usually get slightly used cars and save lots of money that way) - I'll have to get a new(er) smartphone - probably slightly used....

My question for you, Niro Owners, is do any of you have the Samsung Galaxy S7, and does it work well with your Niro and Android Auto? OR: Have you found the S7 isn't compatible (as was mentioned in a year old post I saw elsewhere) and suggest another phone?

I could consider another brand of phone, but I've been using Samsungs for 10 years now and I'm used to them.
Your input will be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to benefiting from your brilliance!

Thanks for your help, Folks.

Robert B
Snellville, GA

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I haven't had that particular phone but on my old Samsung S6 I had to turn off power saving mode in order to have Waze work correctly.

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email test
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I have the S7 and it works great. Plug and play. What I don't like is and this happened in the last couple of months... Android Auto automatically runs as soon as the car is started. Must be via the Bluetooth connection, even if you haven't plugged it in.
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The fix for that is either turning off your phone bluetooth (I do that from a shortcut menu), or going through the car's Bluetooth setup to unregister your phone.

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Voice of reality here:

NO POINT. S7 owner. Android Auto is basically useless.

My Niro was my first AND LAST new car, EVER. I will NEVER, EVER sucker-up to the "professional" car dealers EVER AGAIN. Lesson HARD learned.

Do yourself a favor, spend a couple-few thousand on a good used car, instead of maybe twenty-to-thirty-plus on a Niro. And skip the car dealers - waste of time, effort, and hard-earned $$. Their business is to SCREW you.

Just my opinion, as first-time new car buyer. #@%& the dealers. NEVER again.
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I have Galaxy S6...2018 Niro EX.. I feel Kia missed what customers want. Connected via cannot receive Text Messages to the vehicles console. Only way to receive; have Text messages to use Android Auto. I dislike having to plug my phone in when I get into I don't use Android Auto. My last 2 Cars, Ford and Honda both received and read back incoming Text Messages when connected via Bluetooth.

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I could not agree more. I want to love the car, but between getting royally screwed by the dealership selling me a lemon and Kia "escalated" customer dis-service. Check engine lights during the test drive were in fact NOT an environmental code because the gas cap wasn't on correctly, as I was told when purchasing the car. After a total of 5 weeks in for service after 2 attempts, replaced the hybrid battery and harness AND they had to replace 4 fuel injectors and a head gasket! Less than 10,000 miles on the NEW vehicle. Add to that a car wash from the service departmentthat scratched the clear coat and 4 tries to get that right. LAST KIA I WILL EVER OWN!
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