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Kia Niro Issues, Problems And Complaints

  1. oil cooler leaking
  2. Owner's Portal, My Trips Recording
  3. 18 inch Tires ever so slightly out of Balance
  4. Chromatic Inside Rear View Mirror
  5. Outdoor Mirror Issue
  6. 2019 Kia Niro LX hybrid system warning light and others
  7. Charge on Schedule setting changes spontaneously
  8. Remote Climate on PHEV Halts L1 Charging
  9. PHEV dead: Key not detected
  10. Can’t change L1 charge rate.
  11. Creaking and clunking noise Fixed
  12. Engineering mode (IL)
  13. Diagnostic code P242200
  14. 2018 Niro Hybrid - Check Hybrid System
  15. Squeaking sounds at power on
  16. 2019 Niro phev (USA) completely dead
  17. I've got a new noise! Yay!
  18. Whining / High pitched sound from engine bay, is it "normal" (PHEV)
  19. Kia infotainment system screen and CarPlay
  20. Soft Female Voice
  21. Noise under the hood 2018 Niro sx phev
  22. Alarm is going off in garage
  23. In Drive, Car moves in Reverse!
  24. 2017 Issues
  25. Helicopter Sound at low speeds\going uphill.
  26. Air Conditioning Issue
  27. Plug-In Hybrid System Failure Engine Running in Emergency Mode
  28. 12-v battery drain
  29. Niro severe rear wheel misalignment
  30. Only charging to 24 miles sometimes
  31. Shaking the car when it stops
  32. Strange sounds when the car is cold in EV mode
  33. Gas cover wont open 2019 Niro LX
  34. "Whirring, draining" sound under charging port
  35. 2019 Niro Phev won't start
  36. Battery died while driving
  37. Radio stops after voice navigation prompt, Android auto 2019
  38. Inconsistent USB Connection - Android Auto
  39. windshield washer
  40. Loose ride on wet roads
  41. Slight jerking when the brake is applied
  42. Steering wheel material separating - Anyone else?
  43. Hybrid System Failure
  44. Sheck hybrid system in Kia niro hybrid
  45. Extreme amount paint chipping
  46. Media console black screen
  47. Shift delay
  48. Problems using hands free while streaming
  49. auto headlights/DRL
  50. Plug in access door fell off
  51. Strange braking in the winter
  52. Leaf Spy Pro equivalent
  53. In the shop for a month
  54. Engine Light (Thermostat) - No Fix
  55. Error codes
  56. On Center steering feels notchy above 50mph
  57. Rear Tailgate won’t open unless I’m near it with keyfob
  58. Drive system failed in stop and go traffic
  59. Remote via UVOeco
  60. Windshield Washer issue
  61. 7" LCD Goes Black
  62. Engine Disengaged....
  63. LCD Display Bug?
  64. strange (loud) brake noise?
  65. UI bug on the radio controlls
  66. Died after 1 day
  67. Bad LCD Panel?
  68. Rear seat loose and rattles
  69. Turn Signal
  70. Start-Up Steering Wheel Locked
  71. Transmission Sticks in 5th
  72. OH. Look, anoter recall. Just
  73. re-engages the 12v battery after an automatic shutdown due to low voltage
  74. It's Dead Jim
  75. 17 niro issues!
  76. Rage inducing headlights
  77. Engine whirrs in first gear
  78. Engine producing oil?
  79. Issues with safety features?
  80. Lurching forward
  81. Check engine light
  82. 2018 Kia Niro Breaks & Jerking
  83. Doesn't remember gauge brightness setting?
  84. cooler fan
  85. quite loud sound when starting on a hot engine
  86. Other service items
  87. tripmeter/odometer
  88. Last kia i will ever buy
  89. buggy with the trip history stats
  90. CarPlay Random Disconnects
  91. Two (very) minor nitpicks
  92. Left screen went black
  93. WiFi...even worth worrying about?
  94. My UVO not working at all.
  95. Recall Alert 2017 Niro
  96. Broken Windshield
  97. Plug-in door getting stuck
  98. PHEV electrical whine through speakers
  99. USB Reader doesn't read all file
  100. Transmission Issue?
  101. Hard plastic exterior door handle cover breaks
  102. Theft Alarm
  103. Fuel economy reading
  104. Fuel gauge staying/stuck at full
  105. Temp indicator blinks and dings at 39 degrees
  106. Change from D to P in the automatic transmission
  107. Sound during braking - "PIP"
  108. Most Miles On The Niro
  109. Engine oil increasing
  110. Poor braking distance
  111. Tire pressure monitor not displaying
  112. AEB Disabled, Radar Blocked
  113. Frosty windows
  114. Rattle in cargo area perhaps the hatch?
  115. Transmission issues
  116. Strange noice when driving on cold EV and when releasing gas pedal
  117. Warning about "Smart" cruise control
  118. Electrical smell
  119. SiriusXM
  120. Strange rattle/sound in front driver door area
  121. Car can be left in Drive
  122. Tire Pressure Sensor
  123. Loss of Power
  124. Drop in mileage
  125. Passenger Seat Belt Warning Noise!
  126. unable to lock my car!
  127. Engine not engaging on start.
  128. Smart cruise issues
  129. Stutter/Jerk Problem!!!
  130. False Alarms with Sensors?
  131. Air-con not cold
  132. Brake pedal lever arm interference
  133. My Niro is a Lemon - should I get another one?
  134. Odd banging sound from passenger dash area?
  135. Help!
  136. I was excitied about the new Kia Niro :(