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  1. Our Niro Exploded!
  2. opinions on buying used 2017 Niro Hybrid
  3. PHEV vs Hybrid
  4. How bad will my MPG drop if I installed 225 Tires instead of the 205?
  5. Should I put a non refundable deposit down on 2018 ex phev
  6. Software updates?
  7. How do I make doors auto lock when I walk away?
  8. Kia Niro Radio - support for AF (Alternative frequency)
  9. DRL Question
  10. Temp readout in center display
  11. PHEV battery life maximization
  12. AEB/Adaptive Cruise Control STOP
  13. PHEV Extended Storage
  14. What do Kia owners say about its BRAKING?
  15. Niro PHEV vs regular HEV
  16. Niro PHEV vs regular HEV
  17. IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating
  18. Anyone know how to NEVER lock the charge port on the PHEV?
  19. Issue with my Niro
  20. Plug-in range: 24 miles?
  21. Front-end Paint Protection
  22. RECALL for Clutch Actuator??
  23. 2017 Niro Door Handle TSB Fix NOT Working!
  24. First 6 hour weekend Road Trip...2018 Niro LX
  25. Removed plastic wheel covers on 2017 EK
  26. 6" cable for CarPlay
  27. Engine braking on hills?
  28. Loud growling noise starting engine
  29. How I chose the Niro Plug-in
  30. Clear up misconceptions for new potential buyers
  31. Top rated OBD11
  32. battery saver?
  33. Roadside Assistance message
  34. New wheels are on.
  35. Squeaky seats
  36. Charge PHEV Question
  37. Level 2 charge tips
  38. Roof Rack
  39. Niro PHEV Inventory
  40. Graphite Edition
  41. Dash Cam Wiring
  42. Remote Start
  43. You'll soon be seeing an entirely new kind of license plate
  44. OEM Crossbars (any owners?)
  45. Fuel gauge weirdness.
  46. Home Charging?
  47. Let the battery drain before charging
  48. Finally got to drive my Niro.
  49. Touring really slower 0-60?
  50. PHEV availability
  51. Sirius XM just called
  52. Length with seats folded down
  53. Android Auto and your phone battery
  54. Proximity Entry
  55. The Kia Niro Looks Most Like ...
  56. UVOeservices app issues
  57. Niro Touring VS Plug in EX Premium
  58. Audio System
  59. Plug in Hybrid Vs Hybrid
  60. I am a potential 2018 Niro buyer: Questions
  61. Weight limit in trunk?
  62. No Voice dialing unless in AA/AC on Niro PHEV 2018
  63. NEW Niro Problem?
  64. Anyone go from Sonata Hybrid to Niro?
  65. Why no DRLs?
  66. Question about Tire Rotation
  67. Rear hatch will not lock
  68. Someone want Lug nuts and Sport visors for shipping cost?
  69. 12th KIA
  70. Customizing the Niro
  71. Touring model MPG
  72. Niro Touring with 16" wheels instead
  73. Washed and waxed the new ride today.
  74. 2018 Niro PHEV
  75. For sale: cargo mat, all weather mats, cargo net
  76. What does "Sport" do for driving?
  77. Android Auto Voice Recognition
  78. Transmission Shutter, Lunge, Jerk... May Be Normal
  79. PHEV with no home charger access worth it?
  80. Car auction - Cars up to 95% off
  81. Heating in winter
  82. Gentex auto dimming rearview mirror?
  83. Heavy steering
  84. Shopping for a 2018 Niro
  85. Would you do this deal?
  86. What is the best way to add a CD player?
  87. Heated mirrors, after the fact
  88. Is PHEV available outside California?
  89. 1.8 meter (just under 6') long cargo behind passenger seat
  90. Front Park Assist behavior
  91. buying a new Kia Niro
  92. Check Hybrid System. Turn off Engine MESSAGE?!?!?!?!
  93. What's up with dealer fees?
  94. Car wash for 2018 Niro LX
  95. 2018 Kia Niro LX MPG
  96. CD player
  97. Does Kia EX launc edition comes with factory carpet inside the front and rear row ?
  98. I finally decided I want a Niro.
  99. HVAC with a mind of its own
  100. Folding side mirror stopped folding
  101. Android Auto - without notifications
  102. What do you think about the longevity of a Niro?
  103. Thinking of getting 2018 Niro EX
  104. Ready indicator, or not?
  105. Got one
  106. Snowflake Chime
  107. Hybrid Control System (HI/LO Voltage)
  108. Best MPG Winter Tire Pressure?
  109. Ford C-Max?
  110. Tech Package - autonomous braking system FAILED!
  111. What trim level did you buy?
  112. Remove trunk storage bins = increased volume
  113. Cold weather
  114. Visited Dealer
  115. The best hybrid on the market
  116. Window weather stripping or cosmetics?
  117. TPMS error?
  118. Shaking when Braking
  119. Setting clock
  120. Would you be afraid of this used Niro?
  121. Niro wheels - equivalents?
  122. Niro Most Reliable Car per Consumer Reports
  123. Winter/rubber floor mats
  124. Best Kia Dealer for Service in the DMV?
  125. 2018 Niros now on KIA's site
  126. Kia Ranks 3rd In Reliability Survey
  127. Digital speedometer
  128. Tire chains for the Niro?
  129. Block heater
  130. If Niros are so great, why...
  131. What?s behind the rear view mirror? / EZPass
  132. What do you think of the HID lights?
  133. Should I use a trickle charger?
  134. Nothing to push to open garage door?
  135. First experiences with Niro (good, bad & ideas)
  136. Interior lights
  137. Roll up/down windows without starting car
  138. Rear tire camber on new Niro
  139. Trunk dimensions?
  140. Change intro jingle?
  141. Anyone have their first oil change?
  142. Disable the cancel message on radio screen
  143. Auto-Dimming Mirror and Remote Start Add-on
  144. Hey Zadillo,
  145. Android Auto
  146. HID headlights, LKA, Volume
  147. Adding Autonomous Emergency Braking AFTER sale???
  148. extended warranty
  149. Touring Cooled Seats Barely Cool?
  150. Reduced MPGs?
  151. An alternative for me?
  152. Seen Niros on the Road?
  153. New Owner - General questions!
  154. Niro weak door handles
  155. Power up steep mountain grades?
  156. Niro breaks World Record
  157. Road Trip
  158. Chinese EV
  159. My preference is the Nero PHEV, but may not be a viable option
  160. 3rd row seat addon modification?
  161. Thoughts on Conflict (N Korea Idiot) on NIRO
  162. Mechanical question....air conditioner
  163. Mechanical question... Starter
  164. KIA logo replacement
  165. Cold Weather Driving?
  166. ride quality and front head room?
  167. Label in rear cargo area listing 130lbs max load
  168. Insurance cost (generally)
  169. 2 Questions
  170. Any other Waze users?
  171. Paint Pens- Do they work?
  172. UVO3 questions
  173. Official Niro Launch for Canada?
  174. New car coming!
  175. Finally go to drive a Niro, nice
  176. Niro in snow?!?!?
  177. Map LED light in Touring trim.
  178. Kia Niro Recall Alert
  179. top-10-worst-automakers-in-customer-satisfaction
  180. Trying to decide...
  181. Any red Niro's?
  182. Niro's with no VIN
  183. Close to Buying - Questions and Some Info
  184. Too soon to buy?
  185. Rear Cargo space vs Prius V
  186. Cabin heater?
  187. Anybody Use Kia Service Website?
  188. Are all Niro's made in Korea.??
  189. Niro great for Handicap Entry/Exit
  190. Apple car play
  191. Coasting Guide and Lake Keep Assist
  192. Torque OBD Android app for Niro?
  193. Breaking concern on manual option
  194. KIA Niro Manual PDF
  195. FE, LX or EX?
  196. Niro Owner's Manual & Documents pdf format
  197. Niro Arriving at Dealerships in Dallas 2nd Week of February
  198. USA Owner's Manual & Guides Online
  199. First TV Spots for Kia Niro on air now
  200. Seen a Niro commerical on TV.
  201. Tow a Niro behind an RV?
  202. Official Kia US Owner Videos now on You Tube
  203. Niro Trims / Features / Specs
  204. Guiness World Record for the 2017 Kia Niro
  205. Exterior Colors & Trim Levels
  206. Kia's Niro for SEMA
  207. Fleet Vehicle?
  208. Korean Kia Niro Build Page
  209. Kia Niro successful start!
  210. 2017 Honda 4 door Civic Hatchback
  211. Any Other Prius Owners Here?
  212. Kia Motors Aims To Sell 40,000 Niro This Year
  213. Has anybody seen the 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid?
  214. Kia niro Makes European Debut in Geneva
  215. Really excited about the Kia Niro.
  216. Like a mini Sportage!
  217. Kia Niro Press Release, Official