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  • cdizinno ·
    I just bought my Niro a couple of weeks ago. 2019 and I love it. Your post regarding the battery level gauge was very helpful. I was concerned about it too, but happy with what you found out because mine is operating properly. Last night, my trip through rural South Carolina allowed me to optimize my gas mileage because the back roads had little to no traffic. I was able to get over 58mpg on the trip through the country roads. Just over a quarter tank of gas used over the past several days and I have traveled over 250 miles!! The vehicle is awesome and thanks again for the informative post due to your investigation with Kia directly.
    Trvlnurse73646016 ·
    I saw that you are from Sevierville. I too am from Sevierville and just bought a 2017 Blue Niro 4 weeks ago. Right now its in the shop due to a deer collision at 4am on the way to work. Did $6000 damage but will get it back by the 31st and be riding round town when I'm not working. Susan
    hyperbnx ·
    I enjoy your posts .. live in Canada have a new Niro EX SPecial with 300 km now (I think that is 180 miles). Won't start putting lots of kms on it until Sept though but I will track it in fuelly. I did put gas in and up here in Canada we do it in litres/100 km I got 4.5 litres/100km (12.26 litres for 275 km) which is what Kia Canada advertises. So far we are liking our Kia, other than I need the Thule footings so I can use my bars and existing attachments, but Thules says it is coming. Niro replaces a diesel VW which goes back to dealer next week :)
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