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  1. 2023+ Niro EV
    I have 2023 Niro Wave I drive 82 miles round trip for work daily. Most of that is freeway so I can be going anywhere for 80mph to 30mph sometimes I need the heat on for the drive and will need the air full time as i live in AZ. On a charge of 80% I get about 180 miles which doesn’t leave me...
  2. 2018+ Kia Niro EV General Discussion
    My aunt is 100 years old and I’d like to give her the opportunity to drive a fully electric vehicle (she does have a valid driver’s license). We have the chance to drive from our home in Boise, Idaho, to Rapid City, SD, next week. There are three routes and I used ABRP to plan charge stops...
  3. 2018+ Kia Niro EV Range, MPGE and Economy
    I would hope this is the lowest anyone would dare, but who knows? We were coming home from an in-law visit near the San Juan islands of NW Washington in late summer. We charged up in Olympia to what should have been a comfortable amount to reach Longview. Since it was still summer I presumed my...
  4. 2018+ Kia Niro EV Batteries And Charging
    I did not intend on letting the battery get so low, but the range meter over estimated! I went from about 48% down to 2% on a 102 mile drive in eco, no more than 60mph. Immediately plugged into my home 40 amp level 2 charger. Over about 9 hours, the charger said it put in 64KW! I know the...
1-4 of 4 Results