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  1. Kia Niro Issues, Problems And Complaints
    ok, bear with me.I bought a brand new PHEV 2019. I've driven it 60,220 as of now for work. I was driving about 300 miles a day, now it's more like 300 a week. Regular oil changes every 5000 instead ofthe recomended 7200. when Ifirst pulled out of the lot I noticed there Was a lag in the relay...
  2. Kia Niro General Discussion
    I have a 2019 Niro Hybrid LX and notice at higher speeds (greater than 50 mph), the power from the gas engine seems to stutter. I can feel the unsteady motion bodily. I thought that it might be the air filter, but the air filter is perfectly pristine. Has anyone else had this problem? Frank
1-2 of 2 Results