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  1. Kia Niro General Discussion
    Well I got an offer to good to refuse from my UK Kia dealers, Allingtons, they had a salesman's 2021 Niro 2 up for sale, so although I had decided to keep my Ocean blue 2018 Niro 2 for at least 5 years, I've traded it in, seduced by electric handbrake and predictive cruise control and steering...
  2. Kia Niro General Discussion
    Hello, I have a lot of time before I trade my current car for a new car. I’ve been doing some research and so far, I’m between Toyota Prius or 2018 or latest Kia niro HEV. So far, I’m leaning more on the niro because there’s more space and the ground clearance is way higher than the Prius...
  3. Kia Niro MPG And Fuel Economy
    I just bought a 2019 Kia Niro Lx hybrid. My commute to work is roughly 50 miles each way all highway. I’ve had the car for two days now and it shows I’m averaging about 48mpg. I’ve driven 130.5 miles so far and when I filled the tank up it has 500miles and I’m down to 379. It seems low to me...
1-3 of 3 Results