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  1. Kia Niro MPG And Fuel Economy
    Hi Kia Niro community, I'm the new owner of a 2022 Kia Niro PHEV. My commute is just under the all-electric range, and I expect this might change in winter when my range will reduce. I noticed, though, that I still have about 1/4 battery charge left when the Kia shows 0 miles left in the...
  2. 2018+ Kia Niro EV Range, MPGE and Economy
    I would hope this is the lowest anyone would dare, but who knows? We were coming home from an in-law visit near the San Juan islands of NW Washington in late summer. We charged up in Olympia to what should have been a comfortable amount to reach Longview. Since it was still summer I presumed my...
  3. 2018+ Kia Niro EV General Discussion
    Based on the Kia website, the range of Niro EV 2020 is 239 mile. But when I charge my car, I can even see the expected range of 260 mile. What is the actual range? Did anyone try to see whether it is feasible to go beyond 239 mile? The range definitely depends on driving in highway or street...
  4. 2018+ Kia Niro EV Batteries And Charging
    I did not intend on letting the battery get so low, but the range meter over estimated! I went from about 48% down to 2% on a 102 mile drive in eco, no more than 60mph. Immediately plugged into my home 40 amp level 2 charger. Over about 9 hours, the charger said it put in 64KW! I know the...
1-4 of 4 Results