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  1. Kia Niro General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I bought a set of racks from Amazon, but I’m not super happy with them. They make a lot of rubbing and grinding noises in addition to the road noise. I’m wondering if anyone has purchased the suggested racks for the Niro, part no.G5F21-AC000? I can’t find any reviews online...
  2. Accessories And Add Ons
    Hi all, I have a 2017 Niro ex with sunroof. According to the manual/other posts I've read, the roof racks can only hold up to 220lbs. I want to get a RoofNest tent but it goes over the 220lb when I'm in it. Does anyone know a way to beef up the roof rack so it can hold more? I have the Kia...
  3. Kia Niro General Discussion
    If you own an electric vehicle that is not rated to tow a trailer (see list below), but want to bring some extra stuff on a trip, what can you do? You can add a roof rack and cargo box, but it is a bit more complicated that just sticking it on the roof. There are important things that you should...
1-3 of 3 Results