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  1. I am pulling a 3200lb hi-lo popup with my 2019 niro HEV, and I will be doing the SAE J2807 tow rating tests with it.

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    Last weekend I bought a hi-lo towlite popup camper. It weighs 3150 empty and is 24ft long. It's a little bigger and heavier than I wanted, but it was all I could find without spending >$14k on a new camper. I've had some negative reactions from armchair people online about this bieng crazy and...
  2. Potential Owner--- Nerd who needs data ?

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    Greetings! Until 2 weeks ago, I hadn't even heard of the Niro! After reading one review I fell in love. LOL So far, not only have I researched online, but I've also test driven a 2020 FE model. It was quite disappointing that the brochures at the dealership didn't compare models, but focused...