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1 Year old

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Today is my 1 year anniversary of owning my 2017 Niro EX. Overall it has met most of my expectations and has been an enjoyable ride. :)

Here are my stats:
Miles driven 18,582
Avg. MPG 55.8
High MPG for one tank 67.5 ( Hot summer days and going into EV mode as much as possible)
Low MPG for one tank 40.5 ( Very cold temps and an all highway trip with snow tires on)
Total gas 332 gallons avg. price of $2.50
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Impressive mileage. How much is highway, and do you limit your top speed?
Thanks, I would say my total highway mileage is about 15% and I try to keep it under 70 mph. Most of my driving is back and forth to work which is a 25 mile commute one way. It is a mix of speed limits from 30 to 60 mph, but usually very light traffic conditions because I get to work at 5:30 am and leave at 2 pm .
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Those are pretty optimal conditions for a hybrid. I think I'll do well if I get 50 mpg average over the course of a year. Just under 50 now, but it has been cold. I'm expecting on long trips cross country at 70 mph to get less than 45 mpg, so depending on how often I do that, my total mpg will suffer.
Those are some pretty impressive figures, and it sure does look like you've spent plenty of time behind the wheel over the course of a year. I wonder how much lower these numbers would be with more highway mileage.
I drive 60 miles a day at roughly 63 mph.

I get 42 mpg in my Touring model. Add 8 or 10 for the small tires and you'd probably looking at 50 to 52 instead of 56.

Just a guess...
My MPG AVE computed by FUELLY (50.9 MPG - SEE BELOW) is for 1 year and 1 1/2 months (bought it in FEB 2017) and 12,xxx miles.

We are retired and use is general running errands (county roads at 35 to 55MPH and some what you would call small to mid size city with a few stops and traffic that varies). Also, a couple short HWY trips (like 200 to 400 miles one way or 400 to 8-00 total).

NOTE: Ignore FUELLY 26 Fuel Ups, not near that in my opinion as generally jsut fill once a month except when on a trip.
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