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Hi to all, my wife and I are looking at an 18 Niro Touring model and have a few questions before we test drive one this Saturday. A little info to help, we live in the Palm Springs, California area, home of the 120+ degree summers. We had a few weather related questions.

1) We are aware of the cold weather affecting the batteries and mpg but were wondering if the hot temperatures will detrimentally affect mpg or/and possibly cause harm to the batteries?

2) Because of the temps here we tend to use the AC a lot and wanted to know:

A)How big an mpg hit do you roughly take?

B)Is the little 1.6L capable of handling the AC in the extreme temps?

3) My wife's office is 1.1 miles down the street from our home and we were wondering if the Niro HEV is capable of driving back and forth to her office on just an EV mode?

4) Has anyone in the SoCal area had a chance to drive the vehicle up our famous Grapevine and if so how did it do, any problems or concerns with the grade?

5) I did a True Car inquiry for an 18 Touring model in Silky Silver w/charcoal interior and received several replies. The best one is below, I have deleted the vin number and dealer but would appreciate knowing if this seems like a good deal, as we are test driving it Saturday.

Thank you in advance for your replies, we appreciate any help and look forward to joining the Niro community soon.

Robert E

We've found an in-stock match for you!
Dear Robert,
Please find below our offer for this in-stock 2018 Kia Niro. This offer is exclusive to you, a TrueCar Member. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

MSRP: $32,940
2018 Kia Niro
Touring FWD

Savings off MSRP
$5,102 Total Before Tax

This in-stock Vehicle Includes
Exterior Color: Silky Silver
Interior Color: Charcoal

Base MSRP + $32,000
Freight Delivery Fee + $940
Total MSRP + $32,940
Total MSRP

Certified Dealer MSRP Discount - $3,352
2018 Kia Niro Customer Cash - $1,750
Guaranteed Savings - $5,102
Savings off MSRP
- $5,102

Before Dealer Fees and Accessories $27,838

Dealer Documentation Fee + $80
Total Dealer Fees + $80
Dealer Fees
+ $80

Total Before Tax $27,918

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To address one of your questions, here in NJ I’ve found the AC in the summer has only a modest impact on mileage compared to the heat in the winter.

From my logs, in the summer I get 49-52 mpg, where as in the spring and the fall with minimal heating or cooling I can get 52-54+. On the other hand in the winter I get mostly 45-47 with an all time low of 39.9 although that was an extremely cold week with short trips only because I was off from work.

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Just remember that the Touring models with the 18" wheel package will not get the mpgs that fredct is stating.

With my Touring model, I get 45ish in the warm weather and 42ish in cold or hot weather. I also drive 100% highway speeds. I use seat heaters instead of the actual heater and open windows on all but the worst humidity days (and we have a lot of them in NC).
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