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Unfortunately this uploader only allows for photos so unable to upload a short video I took so you can hear the ticking sound of something stuck like a relay.
Own a 3 month old 2019 Niro phev and today something strange happened. Went into the garage to get something, car plugged in as usual and hear a strange muffled sound coming from the engine compartment. At first I thought it might be the coolant fans running cause it’s freaking hot in Texas. So opened the hood and no fans running but this odd sound coming from the fuse box area. Open the box up and it’s louder. Unplugged the car, went to start it up to see if there were any warning lights coming on and the car was dead! No freaking way to have started it completely dead.
Looked through all the manuals looking for a reset switch but the only mention was for the hybrid. So decided to start pulling out fuses to see if it would stop and it finally did once I pulled out the 40 amp PB fuse. Put the fuse back in, noise did not return but the car was still dead. At this point figured I give it a jump start and soonest the cables connected to the jumper point in the fuse box, the car came to life. Initially I would have thought it was the 12v battery but I have it set to trickle charge off the main battery since the car is mostly used in ev mode. Took it out for a drive and the sound did not return.
Has this happened to anyone or have any ideas what could have caused it before I take it to Kia for a look over? My gut says it’s the 12v battery in the trunk but no idea.
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