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Hi. Just received my new 2017 Kia Niro two weeks ago. I've had an unusual experience with the 12V system though. Just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar.
The first device I've powered with the power outlets is a Cobra Dash Cam that I was using in my old car. It didn't work! I tried both plugs. However, I found that another device I wanted to power also didn't work. I pulled the fuses from the engine compartment fuse panel but they didn't look blown (I had no multimeter unfortunately). The Kia dealer confirmed that both had blown though; possibly something has gone wrong with my dash cam. (I plugged it in with a spare fuse and I saw the logo as it powered up, but it shortly stopped working again).
Here's the strange thing, though. My wife asked me to show her where the fuse panel was, so I opened up the fuse panel again, pulled out and replaced one of the power outlet fuses, and now when we went to start the car, everything was dead.
Fortunately I'd read the manual and knew about the "12V Batt Reset" button. Pressed it, and everything was working again (except the one failed power outlet).
I've read that this switch is part of a protection system. However, nothing happened to drain the battery. Could there have been a power surge that tripped the protection switch?
Any information on what happened would be appreciated. I hope this isn't a regular occurrence.
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