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Autocar123 recently posted up some of the key likes and dislikes of the Niro. One of the main criticisms is the lack of an AWD option, but there have already been hints to that setup for the PHEV model. Feel free to share your opinions on their impressions.

What we liked
+ High seating position and vehicle stance means great visibility
+ Fantastic fuel economy
+ Seamless transitions between electric motor and gas engine
+ Ergonomically friendly instrument cluster, dashboard
+ Practical cargo area, as in decent-sized and adaptable
+ Slightly raised ground clearance makes it almost like a real live utility vehicle
+ Doesn’t look or feel like a budget car, though the price tag is in that range
+ Safety and drive assist features are improved for 2018
+ Decent interior space overall, good array of storage spaces
+ Battery pack doesn’t eat into cargo space or passenger room
+ Earned best safety rating from the IIHS for 2018

What we liked less
- Snooze-inducing exterior design
- Lack of all-wheel drive as standard or option
- Mediocre acceleration
- Not ideal if you’re going to do a lot of highway cruising
- Back seat legroom on the chintzy side
- Eco mode (would you drive a hybrid in anything else?) makes for sluggish performance
- We were supposed to get a plug-in hybrid version by now, but we’re still waiting

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I do agree with the "likes"

As to the "dislikes"
I like the styling, wouldnt have bought it if it was Prius-like (ugly)
I would like AWD, but not at a 50% reduction in MPGs
Sport mode...use it
Ive driven a few 10 hour days with no monkey-butt
Dont sit in the back seat so that doesnt bother me at all.
Again...Sport mode...use it
Not interested in a plug-in version.
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