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Just completed a 2100+ kilometer road trip with lots of highway miles, lots of stop and go traffic tie-ups and a couple hundred kilometers of city driving as well. Air conditioning was engaged for virtually the entire trip and the vehicle was fully loaded. Cooled seats were used sporadically. We have the Touring Model with the 18" wider tires so it is the LEAST efficient Niro model available. Highway speed was set at 110 kph which is about 69 mph. Experience has taught me that you really come up against the aerodynamic brick wall once you surpass 70 mph. So I was driving efficiently for the trip but not "Hypermiling" nor holding up other drivers.

Bad News First: As I suspected would be the case, the "Feel Good Gauge" in the Kia Niro, ie the Average Fuel Economy display is optimistic, as they are in ALL cars. Shame on the entire auto industry! I wish a law would be passed that these monitors cannot display inaccurate high estimates BUT they could be allowed to display a worse estimate than what the vehicle delivers. That would be fair to consumers but then who gives a crap about them? I keep all of my gas receipts and log everything in a spreadsheet so that over time, I know for a fact what my vehicles actually deliver in terms of fuel economy.

The Good News: That feel good gauge in the Kia Niro is significantly more accurate than most that I have experienced. It was within 0.17 liters / 100 km of reality over our entire round-trip.

The REALLY Good News::laugh: Our average fuel consumption was 4.67 liters per 100 kilometers versus the Niro's display of 4.5 liters per 100 km. The Transport Canada rating for our model is 5.1 City, 5.8 Hwy, and 5.4 Combined. We therefore exceeded the "Official Combined Rating" by over 15% and even bested the City rating by over 9%. Bravo Kia!
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