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Ciao sono Alessandro proprietario di una niro Hybrid dall'italia
Once again, Google Translate to the rescue! To quote the great Bruce Willis, I only speak two languages, English and Bad English. :D

Benvenuto Alessandro, che tipo di Niro hai scelto?
Dove sei in Italia? Mia moglie ed io eravamo in Sicilia ad ottobre, era bellissima.

Spero che Google abbia capito bene.
Welcome Allessandro, which Niro did you choose?
Where are you in Italy? My wife and I were in Sicily in October, it was beautiful.

I hope Google got that right.

It occurs to me that trusting a machine to translate for you opens you up to some substantial risks. ;)

One more, just for fun...

Buona fortuna con la nuova macchina!
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