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Cruise control "resume" weirdness (?)

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Hi there - new guy here. I've just picked up a LX package Niro - have had it for five days now.

Two things: approaching first fill up need - just regular plain old (el cheapo!) gas or is a higher octane medium grade recommended?

The one that really kind of bugs me is the cruise control - I use it often - I have a long commute back & forth for work and drive on roads that are conducive to its use. ( not really hilly, and where there are hills I know to disengage it and manually ease up/down on the throttle to get over them ) The cruise has two modes on it on the steering wheel - "set" and "resume". Resume doesn't actually seem to resume though .... ;( It's more like a redundant "set".

I'm a computer nerd by day ( I work in I.T.) and as such have an aversion to reading manuals ... ( industry joke ). With that in mind - no I have not looked at the owners manual so it is entirely possible that I'm missing something BUT - I would think that if I'm cruising at 59 and I disengage the cruise for some reason, that when I hit the "res" (resume) button that it *should* take me back up to 59. No ... it just "sets" me at whatever speed I was doing when I hit the resume button. ( 50 for instance .... )

:( {sigh}

This is not an end of life as we know it deal of course ... lol -- BUT -- am I missing something or is my cruise control / button not quite right?

Thanks ... !
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Pages 6-49 and 6-50 answer the question I think. At least they way what the system should do, but can't say you are doing what it says when you are trying to resume. 30+ years in IT myself, we had a term KBUE for keyboard user error as it was often relevant to this kind of glitch :)

Can't cut and paste but maybe the system parameters when linked to your driving explain the behavior.

The acronym we might use is more like RTFM. lol!

Thanks for your input - I'll take a look at the "FM" then on the referenced pages. :)
Oh geez. How do you know when you've spent too much of your life job hunting? When you read the word "resume"(definition: to continue from a paused state) as "resume" (definition: document needed while job hunting to explain job history and skills). LOL! That said, I don't yet have access to the "FM" is it regular or medium grade fuel? Thanks!
Fuel is regular 87. The resume button on the smart cruise control will resume the previous speed as long as you haven't turned off the cruise control. Example, you have it set at 65, you tap on the brakes which disengages the cruise control, you're now traveling 50 and hit resume, it will take you up to the previous speed of 65. You have to be going over 20 to resume. The benefit is you don't have to set speed and click up to set it from the current speed to the desired speed it will you resume to your last desired speed as long as the cruise control has not been turned off.
I am in the market for the same, LX pretty soon. How are you liking it so far?
Res/Set works as it should. Set it for 55 and if you brake and slow down and then hit Res it will speed up to 55. If your does not work that way there is a problem or my Technology Package is different than yours.
Res/Set as it should be.

Res/Set works as it should. Set it for 55 and if you brake and slow down and then hit Res it will speed up to 55. If your does not work that way there is a problem or my Technology Package is different than yours.
@ KeriD out of Oneida NY .... hey - I work in Vernon (and Oneida - at a Dairy company that you may have heard of in that area!) lol! I do like it so far - fuel economy is great! The only glitchy that I've run into thus far is the cruise control "resume" thing that I've posted here about.

... I do actually have the manuals out and opened on my desk and am exploring them per jmcjing's earlier response. Yeah ... the computer nerd is RTFM'ing. <grin> {sigh}

Fernando - regular 87 octane fuel - thank you.
Total waste of money to buy higher octane levels (and will make your effective operating cost on par with regular ICE efficient small cars that use regular). The only cars that it makes a difference on are certain high performance cars with high compression engines prone to knocking (many BMWs for example). Even many of those can use regular but it will reduce horsepower. All modern engines have knock sensors that adjust to differing octane ratings by adjusting timing and/or fuel mix.
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BUT - I would think that if I'm cruising at 59 and I disengage the cruise for some reason, that when I hit the "res" (resume) button that it *should* take me back up to 59. No ... it just "sets" me at whatever speed I was doing when I hit the resume button

Wonder if his DISENGAGE is pressing the Cruise Control Button to turn off Cruise Control? I doubt it as he says hitting Resume sets the current speed after he disengages. I don't think hitting Resume would do anything if you have turned off Cruise Control.

Anyway, when I disengage with the brake pedal to slow down (the Cruise Control is still on (Green light saying Cruise Control is on) and then hit resume, it goes back to the speed I had set.

If Cruise Control is off (Green Light saying Cruise Control is not lit) and I hit resume nothing happens (pretty sure about that, but not 100%).
I have the touring with all the technology and have had no issue with the cruise control. No glitch with the Set and Res. I love the adaptive cruise and it is incredible.

My average MPG is 44.5 on regular gas.

Someone said it perfectly, there is no need to spend extra for the higher octane.

I have had mine since Feb. 9th.
Seems like something is wrong with your cruise control. The idea is right, the resume button should make the car accelerate/decelerate to the set speed. Please specify what you mean by "disengage".
Normally it should be brake, change gear or press cancel.
I have LX.
I have very weird resume function also.

As for the "higher octane" no Atkinson cycle engine will ever need high octane fuel. Do not confuse "premium" with "high octane".

High octane is a longer chain octane fuel. It takes more compression to cause ignition. Very high compression engines require the higher octane, otherwise the have pre detonation, and knock. Knock is the fuel self igniting, like a diesel engine. It is damaging to an engine because the "explosion" is happening during the compression cycle, not during the expansion cycle.

It is not really possible to have knock on an Atkinson cycle engine, because it is low compression, the intake valve is actually open some of the compression cycle.
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I have the LX and coming up on 5,000 miles. Gas mileage is great, avg is 52.3 so far and just got back from a 1300 mile trip,, mostly interstate at 70 mph. I've also got the bad cruise control... Driving 70 mph steady and hit set and take the foot off the gas and it will lose 3 or 4 mph and then take over and drop down 2 gears and jump to high rpm. Then if I brake and then go back up to 70 again and hit resume it will do the same thing most of the time, drop back 3 or 4 mph, and drop 2 gears and go full power and level off at 73. I haven't talked to the dealer yet but will have them check it out when the oil change comes up.. This is the only thing I can complain about the car so far.
My friend just bought an FE and her cruise control does the EXACT thing as described by 'jdanvers'. It will resume correctly once and a while but mostly hitting resume just 'sets' whatever speed she happens to be going at the time.
I was hoping that there was a way to notify Kia about the cruise control already established.

Cruise Control Weirdness As Well - 2017 LX - we've had it for about a month and so far it is living up to our expectations. I am an avid cruise control user on many different vehicles and have this issue where the resume rarely brings the vehicle back to the same speed before I used the "Cancel" button or the brake. Hoping for a resolution.

On another note regarding highway cruising and the tendency for the small engine cars to shift continuously for acceleration - I've decided to use "Sport Mode" to sustain highway operation. Since the Sport Mode is very good I engage while building up speed on the on ramp. I've driven other cars (non-hybrid) that are always in search of the right gear so I've decided that this is my go to for highway driving. I ensure that 6th gear is selected and leave it there.

I live in western Pennsylvania and have driven North and South, East and West, and also in the Northeastern part of the state. It isn't flat. What I'm reporting on is trips over 100 miles (although I use this technique for all highway driving that is more than just a few exits in length). The worst average mileage I've experienced is 47.5 MPG and the best on the 300+ mile trip was 48.5 MPG.

Apart from any unforeseen warranty issues that I'm not aware of this has improved the ride experience as the extra/excessive shifting is eliminated. Plus I'm more that happy with 47+ MPG, being a newbie to the hybrid world.
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Add me to the list of Resume button weirdness. And I am a cruise control power user.

My Launch Edition has the worst cruise control ever...monumentally bad...ridiculously bad...biblicaly bad... jurassically bad... insanely bad. Its as random as the Powerball. It might work or it might not, it might resume or it might not. It might hold speed or it may just drop 3 or 4 mph just for kicks.

Guess you get the message, the cruise control is not right. My engineering sense points to the switches on the steering wheel not making good contact, but we'll see.

I need to head back to my dealer to give them the title to my trade in when I get it and will discuss it with them then, also need to have them fix a tiny paint flaw and install the mud flaps that are on my window sticker, but not on the vehicle!
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