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Curious 12v Power Outlet Limitations

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In the Niro owners manual it states for the 12 volt power outlet to "adjust the air-conditioner or heater to the lowest operating level when using the power outlet." This seems like an odd requirement and I am hoping someone might be able to add clarification.

Is the lowest operating level the fan speed? Or is it referring to another "level"?

Also there is a stated 10 amp limit on the power outlet. Is this for each outlet or a total of 10 amps across all three outlets?

Thanks for any insights you can provide.
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I don't have the schematics but I can guess. Looking at photos of the electrically driven AC compressor, I see no orange cables attached so I would say the compressor operates off the 12-vdc supply. If so, this is a heavy load for the 12-vdc to dc converter. Remember that 12 v is derived from the traction battery voltage through the dc-dc converter. Likewise, 10 A (120W) is a fairly heavy load all by itself for the 12-v dc-dc converter.

The kia niro manual shows a 40A fuse for power outlet 1, and 20A fuses for outlets 2 and 3 so each outlet has a separate fuse.
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Thanks for great insight.

So it appears the caution is if I was parked somewhere, engine off, with the AC running plus a load on the interior 12v circuit, then the drive battery could drain. OK, that makes sense.

But if I am driving, the AC is on Auto and the engine is doing it's thing to keep the drive battery optimum, I am thinking my 3 devices on the interior 12v each drawing 2.5 amps is relatively safe. And probably isn't making a big dent in the gas mileage.

Again, I don't have the schematics to confirm, but my reading of the warning doesn't restrict the warning to engine-off operation. If the power limitation is the dc-to-dc converter itself, then the warning applies to engine-on operation as well.
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