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The PHEV navigation system includes a UVO e-Service optional feature called 911-Connect. The description indicates that when an airbag deploys and this feature is enabled, it automatically calls 911 and provides your location information to the 911 operator. The description also states that this feature is off by default. If you turn it on, a red asterisk-shaped icon appears on the status bar of the head-unit.

This seems like the sort of feature that anyone would be likely to want to have enabled. So I'm left wondering why it is off by default, and why they chose to display a rather distracting/alarming looking icon when it's on. For certain other features that you should normally have enabled (such as Electronic Stability Control), there's no indicator that lights up when it's enabled, but there is an indicator that lights up when it's disabled.

Does anyone know of a reason why you wouldn't want the 911-Connect feature enabled?
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