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Following the PHEV Watchdog App (which supports the Outlander PHEV, Kia Niro PHEV, Kia Optima PHEV and Hyundai Ioniq PHEV) and after some requests I've decided to create a new Android (only) monitoring App for Kia and Hyundai EV models.

Watchdog is a complete monitoring App, it doest not only extract and display info provided by the car systems in real time but creates more stats and analysis and keeps track of everthing by storing historical data in it's internal database.
At this time I'm planning two versions of the App, a free on ad-based and a premium one where users will be able to sync data to the website and have further analysis there.

It's still in the making but support for the Ioniq EV, e-Niro and Kona EV is certain.

I've started a fb discussion group (where I will be posting the developments) here: Facebook Groups

Here a couple of screenshots of the App.

Live monitoring screens (or where you see the info while driving)

The App keeps track in a list of the battery condition (changes in SoH and SoC). And you'll get one card for every changes seen (screen on the left). From each card (one tap) you'll have access to the details of the recorded state (right screen).

There's a lot of info there:
  • Actual BMS SoC [display SoC] = actual charge
  • Actual BMS SoH of useable capacity [factory capacity]
  • Actual useable capacity [factory capacity]
  • Total current (energy) charged
  • Total current (energy) discharged
  • Total usage (current charged and discharged)
  • Total battery operating time
  • Total estimated cycles as per factory capacity
  • Total Ah lost per cycle
  • Total Ah lost per day
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery current
  • ]Max available power in / power out
  • Minimum cell # id @ voltage
  • Maximum cell # id @ voltage
  • Average [target] cell voltage
  • Maximum cell voltage difference
  • Minimum : maximum deterioration cell # id (SoH)
  • Isolation resistante
  • Minimum : inlet : maximum battery temperature
  • Auxiliary battery voltage
  • Inverter capacitor power supply voltage
  • Fan output power

Beside storing the battery condition the App will also keep track of every trip you have monitored with it.
Each trip is kept on a card list (on the left) and by tapping the card you can have access to the details of each trip (right screen).

Details inside each trip card:
  • Date/Time it was recorded
  • Trip duration
  • Trip distance (odometer at the end)
  • Accumulated ascent / descent and elevation (from device's GPS)
  • Data resolution / error rate (from the OBD2 interface)
  • % of glide time (moving without motor or regenerative braking)
  • % of regenerative braking time
  • % of stopped time (without moving)
  • Eco score (efficiency score calculated by the App)
  • Weather season (inferred from GPS and calendar)
  • Charge at the beginning / end of the trip
  • Maximum observed power input / output
  • Minimum / maximum observed battery voltage
  • Minimum / maximum observed cell voltage
  • Maximum observed cell voltage difference
  • Average [target] cell voltage
  • Maximum cell voltage difference
  • Minimum / average / maximum observed battery inlet temperature
  • Minimum / average / maximum observed battery temperature
  • Maximum observed battery fan power
  • Charge difference at beginning (difference from previous trip)
  • Average consumption
  • Wall-to-wheel average consumption (without regenerative braking)
  • Total consumed charge
  • Average / maximum regenerative braking power
  • Maximum observed motor torque

Stay tuned!

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Little update.

First version of the App has been release to beta tester and I've already sent v2 after some feedback.

Here's some screenshots of the App.

Stay tune!
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