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Exterior Colors & Trim Levels

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Just ran across this online. Shows available colors, trim levels and a few of the included features.

Since I'm a newbie, I can't post the link, but go to i25kia dot com and use search to locate Niro. Maybe someone else can post the link.

(Supplied for informational purposes only. I am not associated with this dealership.)
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Great find ! Heres the link:

Very smooth to use, outlines all the features of each different trim, this is perfect.

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Thank you for posting the link, Broncos.
Thank you for posting the link, Broncos.
Any update on your plans or the options you're going to take on ??
My biggest concern is if that space you can charge your phone can take a tablet because I have a Microsoft Surface I like to carry with me along with a Samsung Tab. Anyone like me will want the level of efficiency a tablet can bring to looking up navigation or even for productivity.
I really don't think you're fitting a Microsoft Surface there at all. Not really sure why you would though... The tablet may not even fit there either, but I'm sure you can install a suction mount to the windshield or something. Albeit, you'll have wires hanging down to the usb port for charging.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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