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After another driver totaled my Optima (2012 Ex Turbo) I needed a replacement car with modern safety features and no loss of comfort features (being an old fart). I drove the Niro and liked it. So now I have a Red Niro Touring and I am loving it.

I find the Niro somewhat less powerful - lol - but I am having fun in playing with the gas mileage and other features.

I know the touring model is rated at a lower mpg but I have got the mpg on the 2nd tank up to 49.3 mpg using light foot and smart cruise control as much as possible. I am determined to hit 50 mpg at some point then I will pay less attention to it and blast around a bit more.

Sports mode is nice but you can see an immediate mpg drop.

I am still getting used to the Voice control and navigation - it being different from the Optima's. It seems better than the Optima but the absolute best is the my wife's Buick Encore Onstar navigation. You get to talk to a real person in under 30 seconds and get the directions downloaded. That said, I am sure I will figure it out.

Only thing I do not like is that you have to plug in the Android phone for the Android Auto to work. properly. Wireless would have been SO much better.
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