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First service done!

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A bit late at 8,205 miles. No problems found, changed oil and rotated tires. TSB about securing a wiring harness was done, and a battery management system update installed. I had read here and on Ioniq forums that there is also a brake system software or firmware update. Turns out after a bit of search by the dealer that this had been done prior to delivery of my car to the dealership. Jan 20, 2018 purchase of a 2018 LX.

Bit of fussing with the oil change. My sales critter said the first service is free including oil. Turns out the first service is a warranty item on this car (not a dealer spiff), but the oil change is Kia specified at $9.95 per the warranty notice. Dealer added 10% for shop costs (like oil disposal - which of course they might get paid for), and then tax brought it up to nearly $12. Still worth it versus doing it myself!

I did not use their oil. On my original exploratory call to service they told me I would have to order the handbook specified 0-20 oil as they didn't have it in stock and would have to order it - extra cost over regular oil change. When I actually made a service reservation, they said they did have it in stock. My plan for the future is to use the well reviewed (some say better than Mobil One and lower cost) Quaker State Ultimate Durability 0-20 oil so I brought that with me just in case.

When I arrived, I asked to see the oil container before the service. A phone call or two from the rep said that it was bulk oil, and it was 0-20 synthetic supplied by Pennzoil. Pennzoil as it happens, bought Quaker State in 2012. Still, without examining the bulk oil drum to confirm the correct weight, and not knowing anything about the oil's specification, I just went with my oil. Actually saved $5 over the dealer's $20 upcharge for synthetic - Walmart $20 less a $5 rebate from Quaker State.

A Kia branded oil filter was used. I asked for the old one and cut it open at home. First time I've done that, not too hard with a Dremel cutting disk. So I'm also not good at interpreting what I found but if anyone is good at it, picture attached. I believe, but am not sure, that it is a paper filter. It is definitely fibrous in a way I don't think better synthetic media would be. So while I'm not changing the oil at 16,000 miles, I will be replacing filter with a Purolator at that point.
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Hmm, I botched the picture upload. Here it is:


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That old oil looks pretty good, the filter is in good shape too. Hyundai Mobis makes these filters. Itt’s one of the top manufacturers of car part with a good reputation for high standards.
Mine had only the Kia name on it. Online, they seem to only come with both Hyundai and Kia branding on the same filter. My concern is only that if it is a paper filter, it probably shouldn't be used on an extended oil change interval. There is some small risk that the paper will break down, but more importantly, synthetic media can capture more contaminants safely, thus extending the need to change filters. So I will likely change the Kia filter at 16,000 miles to be safe.
My KIA dealer gave me free oil changes for life and has told me my service interval in Eastern PA is for severe conditions. Seems a little strange to me. If you look in the manual it appears to back it up because of the salt used on the roads during the winter. Why should the interval be severe the other 9 months?
It is the workload of the engine that would define severe conditions. Free oil changes for life, I'd be find if they want short intervals. Less fine if they are not using specified 0W-20 oil.

Salt? Severe conditions for the car body. Wash the underbody often. If I had been given a choice, I'd pick free washes for life over oil changes. More value.
My service dealer will was the vehicle when I bring it in for service. The other issue with severe conditions is that other service items come up 2x faster, other fluid changes, belts, etc.
The picture becomes clearer! There will be a charge every free oil visit.
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