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Some thoughts at 2500 miles on 2018 PHEV EX Premium Kia Niro (Silver)

Backstory... BMW owners for 20? or so years... lots of great cars early on... 3's, 5's and one 6... some to die for
lately... not so great and definitely not such great value... they just dropped (plummeted) back to the pack

Last year commuting home (Dallas) I saw a Niro.. no clue what it was... I Knew Kia but honestly had not paid attention that much
I knew our next car was not going to be BMW and I knew we were beyond brands and all of that.. time for value and practical
But the Niro... no idea.. but when I got home started googling the model... this was 2017... started reading about the PHEV
Hadn't thought about PHEV at all... but liked the idea of high MPG... watched a ton of videos and reviews... couldn't get enough

So decided in February to get the EX Premium, nice and loaded and get the tax rebate... no worries... let's jut find a black one and buy it
Not that easy as we know... not much availability and a black one... it seemed there were one or two available in the whole country
Worked with some local dealers.. honestly a waste of time and emails... we really like Kia but the dealers at this point feel like... unsurprisingly a car dealer

So we wait for months... several (not black) come to Dallas... sell quickly.. and the dealers we tried to work with are not helpful at all
Finally in August we decide it's go time... we've been waiting a while now and time to get the car... even if it meant buying not local
A black one just arrived in Chicago and a Silver one in Austin … go for the black one and the dealer tries to tack on a ridiculous upcharge for undercoating
it was like $5k... uhh no ! and the dealer in Austin was relaxed and very easy about the whole deal.. no upcharge and even knocked a bit off the MSRP

So... here we are 2500 miles in... and WOW very impressed at this point... especially on the overall value and running cost aspects of the car. This is a commuter car
primarily with plugs on both ends.. that helps... at the moment we just filled it up with gas (fill up #1) after the dealer fill up and our MPG is about 210 mpg

Good... value is huge, especially considering the tax rebate.. huge. It is a very comfortable car, seats fine, stereo good, ergonomics and safety stuff good
visibility good … in electric mode very quiet and smooth to drive.... not bad looking and as mentioned above great / fabulous MPG

Not so good (we have no bad) ... haven't really figured out unlocking after charging... it seems we have to lock / unlock / lock / unlock again multiple times... it seems quirky
Unnecessarily quirky .. it is not sporty but that's okay wasn't expected.. in sport mode tho not bad. And I don't really like the car much in gas mode especially in
non highway driving... it is less responsive than electric and kind of buzzy and annoying.. this is minor compared to the upsides mentioned above

Bottom line.. commuting basically perfect .. if we need to go somewhere faster or a long drive I might take our BMW SUV (until we trade it for a KIA or PHEV) but at this point
we would recommend this as a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BUY !! And I might just trade that BMW in on another one of these...
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