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Flat tire options

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I happened to be on the Kia USA website looking at the Niro and I found under accessories that there are two options in case of flat tires. The first is the goop + inflator option to plug holes, reflate the tire and drive as far as you can, the other is an actual space-saver small tire that fits under the rear deck and can replace a tire that is too damaged to just plug and drive. But, of course, you would not want to drive fast or very far on it. Those have to be purchased separately....I am still hoping it might be possible to put a trailer hitch on the rear and then a swing-out mount for a full-size spare tire, but that option so far seems to be not available, since no hitch option is on the Kia Niro website. Kia does apparently also offer an option for 24-hour service for flat tires etc.
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the goo and inflator comes standard, the spare tire is optional, the 24 hour road side assistance is standard but I'm not sure for how long.


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Thank you fernando, glad to hear those are standard.
Hi Fernado, can you give us the tire model and number on it ?
Interesting how same topics come up again. Spare tire kits and where to buy them (with pictures) was a topic sometime ago.

No big deal, see that on most web sites (forums). Things get discussed and moved down the list of topics. Guess it's harder to search for things than start a new one.

Maybe some one (administrator type) has an idea how to flag some of these items to one spot for easy access.
Those stock jacks are flimsy, from experience I realized how much better off we are with a compact floor jack. Not the easiest to haul out of your trunk but if better safety and confidence when changing a wheel matters to you then that's the way to go.
I've never had any issues with stock jacks to be honest. Once you're using the one that came with the vehicle, for the vehicle, it all should be all right. They are in no means great for doing big jobs like brakes or anything, but for a quick spare wheel change, they suffice. They also don't take up nearly as much room as a floor jack would in the trunk.

OEM Super Store is same place I got mine back in late FEB or early March. Good service and I used it once (just the jack, tools, etc. to take wheel off to have a nail leak in the right rear tire fixed). That worked fine -- I have not used the spare.

A lot cheaper than at KIA Dealer and good service from OEM Store.
I carry a "Extra" Craftsman Model # 75120 tire inflator. Store it in the deep pocket on the left side of the trunk. I will use the "factory" inflator + tire goop as my seconed choice. A we can monitor the Individual tire pressure on our dash, the should suffice for most tire problems except major tire damage. Kia Niro = MSPM ( Most smiles per mile )
Thanks everyone for the information on the tire situation AND that a full-size tire will fit! My husband took our Kia to our favorite tire store and bought a full size tire and it fits in the hole. We took one big trip with nothing but what the car came with, but for our next trip, later this month, we will have a real spare. Not a matching spare, but good enough to do whatever we want. We live in Texas and in the 12 years we've been here we've had more tire issues than my entire lifetime before moving here and I'm in my 70s. No place to be without a spare! Kia Niro 2018 EX.
I can verify that a full-sized 16" spare fits as I currently have one for my 2018 Niro. Have to remove all of the styrofoam and get the correct rim for the Niro. The website: is a great help for this. Entered the Niro info, it gave me the various wheel sizes and specs. Entered the spec info into the tab that lists vehicles with the same rims and discovered that the 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring had rims with the same specifications. Bought one for $35 from the local auto used parts yard and a new tire for $65. So for $100 I've got a full-sized spare tire. Cover fits flat with no problems. The right rim is important to make sure when installed it doesn't rub the brakes or other car components.
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