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Front Park Assist behavior

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2018 EX + Premium package

Today I pulled in to a parking space with a wall in front. I felt like I was getting really close to it, but I didn't get any sensor warnings. I shifted to R for a second then back to D, and then it started beeping and showed the red range indicator.

Is it intended that I need to switch out of D then back to activate the front park assist? Is there an option somewhere to configure that? I thought it was supposed to activate as soon as my speed goes below 10kph.
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There is a button just to the left of the gear shift that must be depressed for the parking assist to be turned on.
Thanks, I'll check for that next time
I have a 2018 EX + Premium package, I finally turned mine a week ago, it works really nice, I have beeps warning me all the time. It helps!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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