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Selling my '22 Niro EV and just removed the hitch before sale. If you've seen the ecobrap installation video here you are aware that the Curt hitches require the bolt holes to be enlarged a little so the hitch is not installed at an angle.

This kit also includes the trailer wiring harness that is pre-cut and spliced exactly to reach the Niro's fusebox for plug and play install. The connection at the fusebox is soldered to an add-a-fuse pigtail, all you need to do is add it to an existing 15A circuit.

All of the original hardware is included to make this a very simple install on an EV. The hitch was only used three times for mulch-runs with our 5x8 yard trailer, and wasn't on the car for more than 2000mi.

Price: $175 + shipping, please PM for quotes. I accept PayPal. Thanks!


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