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Called KIA and other secondary retailers who have indicated that there is no auto dimming option available. Something to do with the wiring in the rear-view column. I will have to do some more looking. Thank you for sharing.
Here are the two posts I found about the subject

just put a self dimming rear view mirror in yesterday (Gentex) picked it up on ebay for ~$40 took all of 15 minutes to install. Loved it last night, works wonderful

I've put 3 of these mirrors in various cars. By far one of the most rewarding "mods" you can do. It's not too difficult and you get the benefit everytime that jerk with high beams on behind you comes up. I had one with a temp sensor, many have compasses. They are for the most part completely self contained, and need just two wires 12V and Ground. My temp sensor version had to have a "thermister" but it is easily found also, just plugged right in and done.

Gentex is legit, don't even think about any other brand, they are the OEM for 80% of the entire automotive industry!
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