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Hi Christophe and welcome to the forum.!
What is the color and trim of your PHEV. and how do you love it soo far ?

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Hello everybody,

Thank you for the welcome!
My car is 2019 PHEV LX color Gravity Blue. I get about 150 miles so far.

I chose this car after multiple excel calculation on daily and weekend average road, and a bit of car design choice (sorry for Prius lovers, but I love better the Niro's design ;) ).

So far, 1 full week usage including a weekend a small ride in the mountain for hiking.
Weekdays are amazing, with about 15 miles of commute, my wife loves the 'no engine sound' effect ;).
She noticed some small amount of gas engine kicking in but I expected that as we used the Heater in the past mornings (still in the 250mpg!!!! and 999mpg when no ICE!).
For the weekend, I switched manually to HEV for the 1st part of the trip on highway (about 30 miles), and then EV when entering Three Rivers and climbing the road to Mineral King.
The car acted as expected and I was quite surprised to see it keeping EV even on steep uphill (speed was ~30-40 mph with windy road). But the battery was drained way faster with uphill road and ended up with 0 EV miles few miles before destination.

Even so, downhill with portions of acceleration and regen break, I was surprised to see the gas engine almost not used (alternating regen/use of EV in hybrid mode).

So far, I love it even more than my excel sheet ;). Driving assist is a gift, surprising at the beginning (Keep Lane Assist in active mode is really active ;) and Smart Cruise Control very useful even on standard roads), but you easily get used to it.

Very good car so far.

We should get our Z-chains tomorrow and next weekend should be our snow test.

Thank you for all your threads that deal with really useful subjects.
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