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Hey everyone,

New to this forum and excited to be more in the loop with my car (2018 LX). I initially found this forum for looking at logistics of a bike rack. I initially wanted a hitch, but seeing how much extra the process seemed to be I decided to get some cross bars and a roof rack. Doing some research I decided on the following that have been ordered and shipped.


Bike Rack: Yakima 8002093 Raptor Aero, Rebox Item -

I am assuming these will go well together and I'll post an update after it is installed and successfully used.

My other question is on scheduled maintenance.. do you think it is better to go off of the recommended date/time or mileage for service? I travel a lot for work and use rental vehicles when I do this, so a lot of the time I only use my car for about 10-20 miles per week just doing simple commutes and chores.

Thanks everyone.
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