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Hey sorry, I was traveling all this time and didn't see your message. I can't send you a PM until I have 15 posts, hence this one.

This is what I recommend. There are three major dealers in VA for the DC area. Dulles Kia, Chantilly, and Woodbridge. They compete with each other and they know that they are each others biggest competition. Reach out to all three of them, tell them that you have reached out to those other dealers (give names), and then ask them for the best price. Tell them very clearly you are shopping around, and you will show each dealer the quote, and see who can win your bid. Definitely go to the dealers in person, if you can. I went to Dulles and then Woodbridge. In fact, when I was getting that deal from woodbridge, the guy actually said that I can take that and shop around, and most probably I will get a lower quote from the other two, and he could cut me a check for the difference. The only reason I went with woodbridge was for the tradein amount I was getting. I could have possibly got a lower price on the actual Kia vehicle.

Does that help? let me know, I am happy to answer any question. Also, if you would like, I can text the salesguy in Koons and let him know that someone might be interested?

Oh btw, do not, do not use truecar. That's just a BS site. I totally ignored it in my shopping. I recommend cargurus.
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