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Hi All, Glad to see that there is a forum for what is now my favorite car.
Just bought a new 2018 EX with the Graphite Package for the wife in January.
Thus far our gas mileage has been pretty good, IMO. We have the 18" wheels and our first complete tankful came out to 44.6 mpg(calculated) although the average mileage on the gauge was showing 46+ mpg :)-(. There've been some pretty cold temps for these parts(lows in the teens and single digits) so I was actually preparing myself for worse. However, on a more positive note I did notice that on warmer days(above 50F OAT) the battery responded very positively. It had a bunch more of uumph and charged up another bar on the meter. With warmer temps and a change to summer gas I'm hoping for better.

We do have one problem with it, however. At speeds above 60-65mph it starts to have a vibration, like a washing machine on spin cycle that is a little out of balance. It makes the car shake and I'm having the dealer have a look at it tomorrow.

We bought a window shade to protect the interior from HeatShield out in California. You can get them through Amazon also. They're a bit expensive but it fits perfect and feels like it might last forever.

We also picked up a spare tire kit and rubber floor mats and cargo mat from Amazon thru SouthWest Kia. They had the best prices, shipped quickly and everything was just as described. They ship the spare with a tire already mounted so it saves that hassle of trying to do it locally.
We're hoping that the spare tire kit was a total waste of our time and money but I always feel better having a spare onboard.
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