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How to Park any Kia in Neutral (Neutral Parking Mode) e.g. for Carwash

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Video: How to Use the Dial SBW and Park in Neutral (Applies to All Kia Models) ㅣ Kia How To Video

Steps from video:

Park in Neutral

Park with engine on

Push P button

Disable Auto-Hold

Electric Parking Brake Off

Push button to Turn Off Engine

Step on Brake Pedal within 30 seconds

Turn Shift Knob to right or left for 1 second to Park in Neutral

Car automatically shifts to Neutral

Leave car
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I find that , when going into a carwash, that all you need do is put it in 'Neutral' . All that seems WAY over kill for a carwash. Might be useful in other ways...
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What? I just went through the carwash. I pulled up, kept the engine running, pulled forward, turned the dial to "N" and it was in neutral. That sounds more like leaving it in neutral with the engine or power off for towing.
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