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How to remove back seat this is in a 2017 HEV

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1. Remove the covers from the rear and spare tire cover.

2. Remove 10 Phillips head screws from the storage trays. Start on rear most ones first. They come out as 3.

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now it looks like this. Disregard the wires and amp, you won’t have that.
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3. You need a 12mm socket I remove 4 bolts from the seat backs and pull the backs out.
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4. You may could get the bottom seat out without removing the backs the bottom seat is held in by 2 12mm bolts I find I easier just taking the backs off.
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first pic is if you left backs on. Second is with backs gone. I’m not even sure you can pop bottom seat out with the backs on didn’t try it.
Now you can lift the back seat off and see your Hev batteries I can do this procedure in about 15 mins with power tools.
Seat off. You can see my 12 volt battery, relay, I pulled the fan and cleaned it also.
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