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How to replace driver's side headlight in 2019 touring

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How do I change the driver's side headlight? Unlike the passenger side, the driver's side has a "high voltage" metal object between the plastic headlight bulb compartment cover and the actual bulb. I can't find anything online showing this object (see picture).
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Thank you for responding. I'll check with the dealer
actually Gen1 Touring has Xeon lights. just the bulb can be replace. with that note, failure of the bulb is not common as life span on Xeon bulbs are many times that of Halogen. but it's the twist off just like the halogen. Xeon has resister mounted on the bottom of the housing but picture shown does not look OEM. did you purchase your Niro used? if that is the case, you can either go back to Halogen [not Touring] or replace with aftermarket LED [P-n-p].
My car is a magnat for bad drivers. I've had 2 separate collisions where someone has backed into the front of my car, and the repairs have been done at different shops in different states.

I'm only attempting to change the bulbs because after the most recent repairs, the passenger side bulb was noticeably less bright than the driver's side-enough so that I've been uncomfortable driving at night outside of any well-lit areas. I'm in Savannah where there are a lot of drunk tourists wandering around, and I prefer not to hit one.

I wanted to have bulbs of matching intensity. The shop that did the work was awful to deal with. I've posted some pretty excoriating reviews about them, so, I don't expect any help to remedy their crummy work. I may just stick with replacing the dim bulb for now, because I have no idea why the other one isn't OEM or which shop installed it. When I have a little more time I'll look through the receipts to see if I can figure out who put this in and why. If necessary, I'll reach out to my insurance adjuster for help.
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