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With that worthless tire "mobility" kit, the lack of an included jack, and the lack of run flat tires, it's clear that the vehicle will need jacked at some points in its life.

Oddly, the owners manual contains no information on how to do so. Only noting your "authorized Kia dealership" for your tire and maintenance needs. Also oddly, the section of the manual on tires is written in a different font, and looks like it was added as an afterthought. But not a word on how to jack and change that tire.

Don't jack it on the battery. With only 6.5 inches of ground clearance for that battery, to the untrained, it looks like a convenient place to lift the car.

This is from the factory:

Jack Points.pdf

Here's a pic of the rear cross member. It will lift both wheels at once with a proper floor jack. I use a pad on my jack so there is no metal to metal contact and I don't scratch the black paint. Also note how far that battery hangs down:

Automotive tire Automotive design Line Automotive lighting Gas

Approaching from the front of the car with your floor jack, Here is the front cross member. There might be a center point under the plastic under shield, I'm not sure. This lifts one side only.

Tire Automotive tire Car Hood Motor vehicle

On the sides, at the rocker panel, you'll notice the dimples for the side jack points. Front and rear. Again , notice that low hanging battery.
(Sorry about the dirt, the roads are filthy this time of year.)

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Grille

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Grille

If you use the side rocker jack points, be sure to have something like these. Because you could bend the lip of the rocker panel without them. I keep them in the trunk with the mobility kit in case of a tire change out on the road by a roadside assistance company.

And strangely, at the rear rocker jack point, there is a frame member that looks like a factory jack point with two holes in it. It looks to me like it is missing something like a neoprene pad. I haven't figured it out yet.

But again, look how nice and easy it would be to use the battery to jack the car.

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I've certainly never bent anything raising my Kona at the four designated points over the last 4 years. I do use a piece of heavy rubber to protect them.

The bracket in your last photo looks like a production tooling point.

I think the new Niro EV is very good car and congrats to the forum's admin for recognising that it's a completely new design and needed a new sub-forum.
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