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Used my warranty for the first time since purchasing the vehicle in 2019.

Noticed the A/C wasn't working back in September. Made an appointment with the Dealer and took it in December of 2022. They believe it had a leak, couldn't find it and filled the system with dye and told me to come back in a month. In January I returned and they found the A/C Condenser was leaking/damaged. They ordered the Condenser and contacted me in March the part had arrived I bought the car in they replaced the Condenser and found the A/C Compressors was not cycling correctly and needed to be replaced. They ordered the compressor, and it came in the next week in March they installed, and A/C now works wonderfully.

When replacing the Condenser they ran over a sharp object in the shop and ruined my right rear tire. They replaced it with a brand-new exact replacement tire.

The car will be 4 years old this April and we have put on 48,000 miles on the NIRO.

Total Cost for 4 trips to the Dealer + 25 labor hours+Condenser ($485) replacement +AC Compressor ( $1528) replacement+one new replacement Michelin Energy Saver tire ($225) spin balanced and mounted = $0.

KIA has a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty on these items, powertrain and hybrid system is 10 years 100,000 miles for the original owner. They replace the tire free of charge because they said it was the right thing to do.

The difference in this local Dealer in 4 years is remarkable. We bought the car from another KIA Dealer as the local Dealer "didn't fool with PHEV and EV's". Now they have EV charging stations at the Dealership, carry a full line of EV and PHEV vehicles, repairing them in their Dealership and had KIA's newest entry into the EV world on display in their showroom, it was an impressive about face.

The Dealership has also been rebuilt to include a complete array of new buildings for Service and Sales.
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